Mummys Revenge developed for: Apptastic Apps

Joe Adventure in this episode is a treasure hunting tomb raider in Egypt. He travels from pyramid to pyramid picking up Golden Scarabs. This upsets ANUBIS, the ancient egyptian god who protects the dead. He has awaken all the Mummies and the mighty Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt for Revenge. If you're looking for non stop action with cool features like tossing grenades and melee attacks, and Boss Battles then this is the game for you.

Finger Traffic Navigator developed for: Redbot Software Inc

Simple to play, hard to put down!
How to play: NAVIGATE the flow of TRAFFIC with your FINGER.
It gets more and more difficult as more cars come into the intersection. Features bonus stars: Run over the corresponding star to get an extra bonus point. But don't run over the wrong color star, you will crash! You can crash, it's okay, the Accident Indicator on the bottom left will turn yellow, but then red to end the game. (But if you navigate a few cars successfully this will go back to green again.)

Distant Assassin Classic developed for: Redbot Software Inc

A fun, casual, and addictive game. Your mission is simple, find your target in a crowd, scroll around with your finger. Then zoom in and shoot! Keep in mind that there is a distance delay from when you fire and when your target is hit. If you miss, your reward will decrease. And if you hit an innocent person, you will be penalized. As the levels progress, the difficulty increases, the crowds get thicker, bigger, faster and there are more obstacles.

Music Arcade developed for: Mouth Watering Media, LLC

Think you know music? Prove it! JamsBio presents Music Arcade - a collection of games that test your knowledge of music to the mobile max. "Scrumbler" challenges you to unscramble the pieces of an album cover as quickly as may start out easy, but do you have what it takes to match at the expert levels? "TriviaNerd" tests the limits of your inner music nerd by matching an artist with cool info about their past history. "JamsMatch" sees if you can correctly match four album cover images with their album title. All the games allow you to track your scores and compete with the universe of other iPhone players to see who can top the daily, weekly and all-time leaderboards. Music fans, the game is on.

Curve Ballz Delux developed for: MEHBOOB CHRAINA

The original 3D online game Curve Ball, but only with 10x more features! Curveballz can be played either in Single Player mode or local wifi multiplayer. Key Features:
- 4 different ball colors.
- 10 different engaging 3-D backgrounds which change after each level.
- 4 different paddles with different characteristics for each.
- High Scores saved, to prove to your friends you really did beat their score.
- Most unique feature is that we also have 2-ball and 3-ball mode to keep you challenged!
- TONS of levels to keep you engaged.
- Simple music while you play.
- Easily pause during play if needed.

MovieMailer Pro developed for: Jetmobile

The MovieMailer is an App concept that allows you to send specially made 3D animated Videopostcards to your friends and loved ones via e-mail. A themed quality collection of Videopostcards is allways included in each release. You can send to who you want!

iDorable™ developed for: GAL Industries

iDorable™ delivers a daily stream of cute directly to your iPhone
or iPod Touch! Every day, be treated to new pictures of Dogs, Cats, Puppies, Kittens, and a whole assortment of other adorable Critters, including baby elephants, giraffes, ducklings, and more. You can save pics, email them to friends and family, use them as your background, or just keep them in your albums for any time you need an adorable pick me up!

iHoops developed for: AgencyWeb

iMadness’09 is an amazing March Madness Bracket App that tracks the performance of your college bracket and every other player in your league.
It features up to date scores and results and auto populates your NCAA College Basketball Bracket. It’s easy to make your picks for the 2009 basketball tournament.

My Insurance developed for: Junnu Sam

MyInsurance is your one place to track all your information related to Homeowners Insurance, Automobile Insurance, Rental Insurance. It allows you to store and access information on all the properties and automobiles that you own/rent, all in the palm of your hand without having the need to flip through papers and files to find that information. This will be great tool for property managers or automobile sales people to keep track of their things.

iSlime developed for: MEHBOOB CHRAINA

Play the revamped version of the original slime sport games.
This bundle includes the following slime sports: Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball
There are a total of 9 different backgrounds to always keep you engaged.
You have 6 different creatures (slimes) to choose from, each with their own different characteristics.
Play single player or play multi-player with local wifi connection.
Play a quick 1 round game or 3 round game or go all out and play the tournament and challenge your skills on all 3 games!
This app is very customizable. You can choose how many scores needed to win each round, or if you want to play with a timer countdown instead, you can set the time each round will be. 3 different levels of difficulty when playing against the computer.